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[Proprietary mode] Why is there a red reloading icon next to my transmitter on the IP server of the receiver ?

The red reloading icon appears when you change the configuration of a transmitter.

Our transmitters are bi-directional only at power up: having received their first configuration, they can only send frames and can’t receive a new configuration. This icon appears to indicate a new configuration has been set but it has not been received by the transmitter. To force a new configuration on the transmitter, you have several options:

  • Power off the transmitter and power it up again so it will receive the new configuration as if it was the first one
  • Push the button on the transmitter for 5 seconds to simulate a power off and start the initialisation cycle again to receive the new configuration
  • Activate the “TWU Period” option (you can find it in the advanced parameters) which will allow the transmitter to receive a new configuration every 24 hours.

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