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VOC monitoring-related questions

As you may have noticed, TVOC is unfortunately not defined uniformly. Many regional standards include different VOCs in their TVOC grouping or assign different weights to different volatile organic compounds when calculating TVOC. This can make the definition of TVOC difficult to analyse, as we cannot say definitively what VOCs are in TVOC

How to convert the ppb value to µg/m3?

The conversion between ppb and µg/m3 is 1ppb = 4.5µg/m3.

This approach is a "simplification" because the actual compositions of indoor gases can vary considerably over time and from one environment to another.

How can we analyse a level of about 1000ppb?

As a reminder, 1000ppb = 4500ug/m3. Assuming that no specific "abnormal" VOC events have occurred and that the sensor is exposed to a typical residential gas mixture, then we could say that the air quality is not good and ventilation is required. But again, as an example, it is also possible that the environments in which the sensors concerned with these ppb levels operate are continuously exposed to a high level of non-harmful VOCs such as those released when peeling an orange, which may suggest that the environment is "polluted" given the 4500ug/m3.

For more information on VOC monitoring, please consult our explanatory document available here :

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